TCOS: Chapter 7 (1/3)

There were no armed ghouls or muscle-bound monsters outside Aidan’s studio door.  Nobody hovered over his shoulder, and he was no locked in.  In fact, for all he knew, Peter and Sir Hugo might remain blissfully ignorant of his conversation with Eve and Eastling and their plan to expose The Masque for what it was. ... Continue Reading →


TCOS: Chapter 6 (3/3)

She lost track of time, after that.  A small, stubborn voice kept reminding her that getting rid of Despernot had been the only sensible thing to do; he would have killed her, eventually.  At least now she would have the chance to die of natural causes.  Even so, a part of her wanted to curl... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 6 (2/3)

Lori was starving.  Literally.  It had been days since she’d had anything to eat, and if it weren’t for the constant pockets of thunderstorms that they sailed through she wouldn’t have had anything to drink, either.  She was weak all of the time and spent most of it lying on the deck in a miserable,... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 6 (1/3)

[CHAPTER SIX]: Walls and Windows What they ended up doing involved sneaking back to the practice rooms to see Eastling.  According to Eve, the old pianist had been the one to point out their status as murder victims, or at least captive souls.  Evidently he had been in the company a very long time…a fact... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 5 (3/3)

The daylight field was done.  Its night-time counterpart was more than half finished, and the cemetery was looming over Aidan as he worked, hanging on the studio’s back wall to dry.  Its elaborate headstones stared accusingly down at him as he dipped a brush into midnight blue and touched up the sky above the field. ... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 5 (2/3)

When night came again the fog lifted, revealing the black paper of the sky poked endlessly with tiny holes of light—a billion stars that winked and wavered in the lofty beds.  Despernot was pleased beyond measure.  He told Lori about each of them in turn, ignoring her complete disinterest.  She sat shivering on the damp... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 5 (1/3)

[CHAPTER FIVE]: A Madman's Mission  Despernot ran up and down the deck, his bloodied face alight with exuberance in the fog.  He called the names of imaginary stars and pointed Lori to them, never the wiser that she only played along to the tune of his delusion.  She wanted to ask about Foxe; the longer... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 4 (3/3)

The evening of Giselle’s concert, Aidan was halfway done with the daylight field.  He was so heartened by his success and so caught up in the re-discovered joy of his craft that he completely forgot she was set to perform at all, until her voice came floating into the studio, echoing from the stage in... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 4 (2/3)

Two days after his meeting with the disembodied director, Sir Hugo, paradise was a poor description of the feelings Aidan had for The Masque.  There was nowhere else in the world, In or Out-Shift, that he would rather be.  Gone were the speculations of his life before.  The uncomfortable sense of “wrongness” at his own... Continue Reading →

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