This is Not Your Year

2018 is not going to be your year.  Mostly because, if it is, what are you supposed to do with the rest of them?

If you need an inspirational battle cry to usher you forward into the new 365 days, then go for it.  But if you’re interested in actual change and self-improvement, here are my two cents:

It’s not something one does in a year.

Growth only stops at death, and I don’t plan to die this year, God willing.  This is not going to be my year, because if it was, that would mean I was done.  It would mean I had fixed everything wrong in my life (ha!) and achieved every goal I set (I wish).  But what would that leave for 2019 and beyond?

Yes, I made New Year’s resolutions like a good little human, but I’ve tried to keep them realistic.

I want to learn how to poach eggs and make a kick-ass hollandaise sauce.

I want to commit to a workout routine and quit relying on my three favorite food groups: chocolate, liquor, and bread.

I’d like, if you please, to graduate with my Master’s degree this May. But other than that…this is not going to be the year I fix everything.

There are many things I’m excited for in 2018.  The opportunity to increase my second language skills.  The chance to visit the United Kingdom this summer.  The possibility of reading some good books I haven’t yet met. But overall, I understand that 2018 is probably going to be just as crappy, in many ways, as 2017—which was fairly awful.  I lost sleep and hair.  I gained stress and bitterness.  And it’s going to happen again.

So I have a choice before me, as the new year unfolds and everyone posts their gym pics and progress reports for the first few weeks of January.  I can either be angry with myself for not measuring up—for not achieving everything I think I should in a few short months, or even within the span of 12 new ones—or I can set some reasonable goals, and accept that they will be works in progress.

I think the latter would be more conducive to mental health and actual productivity.

This year, in addition to the few token resolutions, I’d like to propose a mantra, instead.

This year:
I will learn.

I will forgive.

I will create.

I will make no excuses.


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