TCOS: Chapter 16 (1/3)

[CHAPTER 16]: The prize of Death The shadows of dead horses leaned out from their stalls as Peter passed through the stables.  He slipped through their midst without quite knowing where he was, though he had a clear picture of where he was going.  Beneath the stage, somewhere in the labyrinth of hallways that held... Continue Reading →


TCOS: Chapter 15 (3/3)

They had been convinced, not unreasonably, that their way would be full of pitfalls.  They expected to hide from company members at every turn and assumed that the entire theatre would be at arms awaiting their arrival.  But evidently they were not as important as they had assumed. There was no one.  Not a single... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 15 (2/3)

Dawn was kissing the sky purple and orange by the time Lyle’s lonely engine reached The Masque.  It groaned to a halt in front of the platform and snorted smoke high above its weather-worn chimney.  There was no one waiting to meet it. “He ought to have someone on guard,” Peter said.  “Why doesn’t he?”... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 14 (1/1)

[CHAPTER 14]:  Lyle's Way, Again Steam curled upward into air that was already dense with fog, rhythmically sputtering away over the chug and hum of an engine.  Aidan found himself standing in the midst of dozens of down-staring shades who moved like cattle across a platform.  Most didn’t seem to know where they were going,... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 13 (2/3)

The ground hurt his feet, pebbles and sticks biting his bare soles with the sharp teeth of hungry rats.  Dust coiled up his legs and settled into the tattered hems of his clothes.  He took a breath and heard it echo in the silence. He had no idea how long he had been standing there;... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 13 (1/3)

[CHAPTER THIRTEEN]:  Desperation  Aidan was terrified.  Not only could he not find Peter, but he couldn’t remember the way back to Lori.  The thought of wandering Ostevadel forever was only slightly less terrifying than the realization that she would wake to him having abandoned her. He had taken a turn—at this point none of the... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 12 (2/2)

(When your scheduled upload doesn't upload as scheduled....whoops.  Here it is, enjoy!)  Peter was by no means fully acquainted with the inner-workings of the stone labyrinth that was Ostevadel, either.  He had been here only once before and had no idea of its full scope.  He knew that it ought to have contained at least... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 12 (1/2)

[CHAPTER 12]: In the downwards city  Lori had only a vague memory of the last few hours.  Or maybe it had been longer than that.  There was something working its way through her system—some drug cocktail or other dissolving itself in her veins.  She both desperately wanted it to go away and needed it to... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 11 (3/3)

While Peter prepared to kidnap a hospital patient, his replacement sat alone in The Masque’s house, his long legs stretched out beneath the seats in front of him.  He had been expecting Sir Hugo—or at least his voice—an hour ago and his patience was running thin.  The dancer’s normally pleasant, smiling disposition was marred and... Continue Reading →

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