TCOS: Chapter 9 (1/3)

[CHAPTER 9]:  Wrongs.  Aidan couldn’t pretend that the fool had just been confused when he had called him “Tristan.”  Peter’s smeared gaze was too intense, too full of the pain that comes with guilt and the fear of hatred.  He had called him “Tristan,” and he had meant it. “But my headstone,” Aidan managed.  “My... Continue Reading →


TCOS: Chapter 8 (3/3)

(Oooops, this is super late.  I apologize for that.  Thankfully, I have a new job now, with a--hopefully--more reasonable work load, and so there is consistency afoot!  Enjoy!)   “What happens now?” The fool had taken up a corner of his coat and was rubbing the paint from his face, but he stopped to look... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 3 (2/3)

“Look, Lori,” Foxe said uncomfortably, “I just wanted you to have a shot at some closure, okay?  If this is what it takes, then great.” “So it has nothing to do with the fact that you introduced my dad to this guy.” He gave her a sharp look.  “I didn’t.” She folded her arms and... Continue Reading →

TCOS Chapter 3: (1/3)

CHAPTER THREE:  The Ship  It was four days before Christmas.  This meant almost nothing to the inhabitants of Out-Shift, including Aidan, but while he was busy preparing to meet the mystery that called itself Sir Hugo, there were two people, not all that far away, to whom the day meant much more.  They were waiting... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 2 (3/3)

Directly behind the stage, separated by a thick wall of stone, were the costumes, set, and property shops.  There were also several lofts for storage; a green room; and various other rooms with indistinct purposes.  Aidan received a hurried tour of this intricate little settlement and was then whisked into the costumes shop.  He was... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 2 (2/3)

They were quite alone in their car.  Peter took a seat near the door, while Aidan sat one row behind.  He settled back against the dark fabric of his chair and looked out the window as they passed the station by.  “Which is Lyle’s way?” he asked.  “The town, the train, or the station?” “The... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter Two (1/3)

CHAPTER TWO:  A Fool's Errand  The Heads, as it turned out, were also dripping in ink.  They sat on withered stumps in a wide semi-circle, hemmed in on all sides by a ring of jagged stones. They were, in fact, only heads—bodies not included. Their sunken eyes watched Grimwal and the trembling skeleton he had... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter One (Part 2/2)

For a long while, Aidan was nothing but a pile of bones lying inert in a rank-smelling bed of mud several yards below the white bridge.  He began to realize that he was still in one piece, but it was a short-lived blessing; he was lost.  Of course, he had never known where he was... Continue Reading →

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