TCOS: Chapter 15 (3/3)

They had been convinced, not unreasonably, that their way would be full of pitfalls.  They expected to hide from company members at every turn and assumed that the entire theatre would be at arms awaiting their arrival.  But evidently they were not as important as they had assumed. There was no one.  Not a single... Continue Reading →


TCOS: Chapter 11 (2/3)

Aidan had been waiting for ages by the time Peter finally came to find him.  They had decided it would be best for the walking skeleton to stay out of sight, and so he had been camping out in a parking garage a few buildings down from the hospital.  Although it had taken the fool... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 11 (1/3)

[CHAPTER 11:  DOUBTS] When Lori woke, there was a bed beneath her and a clock on the wall telling her that it was evening.  She had no memory of falling asleep, or what had happened after jumping down from the tree; everything was a blur.  But that was how time seemed to have been going... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 10 (1/2)

[CHAPTER TEN]:  Tangles The commitment of a psychopath can be impressive.  It took Black Boots only a fraction of the time it took most people to cross the bridge and return to what he knew he was destined to be doing.  When he stepped through the wall of his study, his neck wrapped in a... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 9 (3/3)

“My name is Lori.” Aidan sat with her on Black Boots’ couch.  She was wrapped in a blanket with a plate of toast and a glass of water in front of her.  He couldn’t have put an arm around her frail form even if he’d felt compelled; she was sitting on the side where he... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 9 (2/3)

The snow gathered in a glistening burial mound.  Beneath its fine layers, Samuel lay, listless and still.  As his tomb grew, the Ithen with the silver eyes left him behind. It had taken his coat.  The grey garment had transformed from suave regalia to somber rags on its ink-stained body.  It crept away like a... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 7 (3/3)

When Lori woke she found herself in a bed, wrapped in animal furs.  She was horrified to discover that she was naked underneath them, until she remembered how damp and ruined her clothes had been.  It was probably a good idea to get dying, hypothermic people out of wet garments.  Even so, the idea that... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 7 (2/3)

(A bit late in the continuation, as I've been out with the flu, but here we are again!) When dawn broke over The Masque and the sounds of morning rehearsals began to filter in from the stage, Aidan was deep in thought.  He had climbed to the top of the paint loft, leaving his dirty... Continue Reading →

TCOS: Chapter 7 (1/3)

There were no armed ghouls or muscle-bound monsters outside Aidan’s studio door.  Nobody hovered over his shoulder, and he was no locked in.  In fact, for all he knew, Peter and Sir Hugo might remain blissfully ignorant of his conversation with Eve and Eastling and their plan to expose The Masque for what it was. ... Continue Reading →

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